Reception of my order

The water seems a bit cold, what should I do?

During low temperature periods the acclimatization center takes all necessary precautions to maintain an ideal temperature in the parcel (survival blanket, heat packs…). However, a drop in temperature during transport is possible. It is important to proceed with a slow acclimatization for your animals (about 45 minutes) using drop-by-drop technique as described in the acclimatization protocol provided in the box.

An animal has arrived tired or unfortunately has died, what can I do?

If you consider your animal has arrived tired, do not hesitate to contact us immediately by telephone so we can guide you through the acclimatization and possible healing treatment. We guarantee all our animals delivered to you. Should one of them died, we will proceed to a full refund upon presentation of a picture of the animal in the sealed plastic bag.

How do I acclimatize the animals I just received?

We suggest a drop-by-drop acclimatization. You will find, together with your invoice, the description of the protocol and the steps to follow. You can also see it online at the following link : ACCLIMATIZATION Protocol