Detritivores sand kit

Detritivores sand kit



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A selection by our experts of the most complementary and active species for sand cleaning. This kit is compatible with the algae eaters kit.

- 1x Tigertail cucumber (Holothuria hilla) L : Holorothuria hilla is one of the rare non-toxic species. They are particularly efficient for cleaning sand near rocks or difficult-access areas. It is not unusual to have a scissiparity reproduction for this species.

- 1x Sand sifting star (Archaster angulatus) L : This star is commonly observed in lagoons and it allows to fight against algae or sand cyanobacteria.

- 1x Herat urchin (Metalia sternalis) ML : Metallias are very useful for clening the lower layers of sand. They are very active at night and allow for a deep-cleaning of sand without disturbing the ecosystem.

- 2x Bubble conch (Strombus bulla) L : This snail ensures the cleaning of the upper side of sand layer. Its action allows to naturally eliminate a large part of waste present on the sand surface.

- 5x Nassa snail (Nassarius sp.) M : This snail ensures the cleaning of your sand layer without disturbing your biotope. Its action is very important and its adult size of 3cm allows it to always remain compatible to the needs of your Nano aquarium.

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